Speaking into Action

ynamic Speaking for Today’s Action Culture…Whether it’s on the water, on the dirt track, knee deep in snow, grinding a rail, or in a convention hall…Radical Riders brings an extreme message to today’s action sports culture.  Are you ready for the Radical Challenge?  Today’s action culture is always looking to get the most out of life, in a fast paced, instant gratification society, how can christians live a balanced life? How can Christians live a RADICAL life?

Radical Riders speaks God’s truth in a unique style that teaches believers “How To” live a balanced yet radical life.  It is our hope to equip, spur on, and encourage fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to know what they believe and how to incorporate God into their daily life.

Youth/College Events:

Today’s young people have a special place in our hearts. They face so many trails and temptations like we have never seen before. Yet we have seen God move first hand in their lives to take the gospel to the extreme and impact their world with a consuming fire for Christ.

Music Festivals:

We have participated in Music Festivals over the past years all throughout the country. Today’s youth need to hear this message and learn what the Bible has to say about using their talents to serve Him in a radical way.

Church Service:

It is time for the church to reach out to those outside it’s doors. Churches will be challenged, inspired and deeply moved when the Radical Riders have been part of their main church services.

Women’s Conference:

Who says women are not radical for God. Women need the opportunity to get passionate about who they are in Christ, and use the voice that God has given them to speak His truth. Learn to reach your home, church, community, and world for Christ.

Men’s Conference:

There is something powerful when a group of men from a church or group of churches gather together to hear God’s word. We have seen God do some amazing things when Radical Riders has paid a visit to an all men’s event.

To book Radical Riders Speaking Team for your next event please contact us at: RadicalRiders@RadicalRiders.com

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